Nobody Cares Except You

by kosha dillz

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A true song about life. Nobody Cares Except You.

Being stuck in the ADHD world of entertainment with 3 minutes to tell a story can be frustrating. "Nobody Cares" was the attitude for the first songs Kosha Dillz created ffor his upcoming album. Realizing negativity was not a selling point, he changed his view to Nobody Cares Except You, ultimately raising $20,000 via Kickstarter for the 2020 LP. "We all need more time to tell our story so we become more caring of reach other" says KD. The title track is produced by 3 time Grammy winner Sam Barsh. The entire album is slated to feature production from Jeremiah Raisen and Sam Barsh, as well as features from Fat Tony and Matisyahu.


Nobody Cares Except You, Nobody Cares About Anyone
let me explain for a minute break it down could be hard if you
new in town what you doing now?

Im in the gym a lot working on my appearamce
i don't lift a lot but radio got me running miles
so clear it
all the things in my head
who could get in my bed
im fresh, people die next every day from having no food
and you cried over my text and you still hashtag
than others great caution tape can you relate?
crappy dates lotta fakes lotta meet you later never meet you later
lotta wait ta ting ting ting bling bling
from people who only want something thing from you,
keep it humble the way the cookie crumble...
peope say "yeah kosha dillz you really on your hustle!"

Nobody Cares Except You, Nobody Cares About Anyone
please listen to my music to believe in myself is just so confusing
looking for inspiration lets do this!

Nobody Cares Except You, Nobody Cares About Anyone
let me explain you should probably have thicker skin
get rejected 10 times a day nearly died from addiction

and im going on 2nd explanation
you wanna work hard ..but you always on vacation
you wanna pictures of relationships with no relation
think i care about what you achieve
you never gave me time or patience
rather kick rocks than kick it with these ones who really hating
you got ears hear everything that i spit with flame in flame thrower
you a blame thrower smashing pumpkin rat out the cage grow up
no one at my show still rock a stage show up
kicked when im down
hoLd up turn it all around
noah on the arc
you a narc
got the spark
from the start
ii got art i got smart you as Stupid fart
yeah your brother stupid you stupid cant tell you tWo apart

Nobody Cares Except You, Nobody Cares About Anyone

you know the way it goes if this trends worlwide in a week
no one will rEMEMBER or really know here we go!

Nobody Cares Except You, Nobody Cares About Anyone

play the lottery now
please do not copy my style
and when i win it all
we be rocking out!

Dillz call me rami thats my first name
all you horroscope groupies
dont worry bout my birthday!
and if you care bout the world play
sticks and stone will break my bones but words do not hurt me

Rami thats my real name
it doesn't matter if you do or don't fill me
i do what i wanna do if i dpn't if will killME
and if you wanna really care you doN't have to say please

Nobody Cares Except You, Nobody Cares About Anyone


released October 25, 2019
produced by Sam Barsh + Snowball beats
recorded mixed and mastered by Mike Machinist
ART @reart_ed


all rights reserved



Kosha Dillz New Jersey

World class improv artist that has received major attention for his dedication to success. He has played every kind of gig,ranging from shows with Rza of the Wu Tang Clan and Matisyahu. He is most known for his ability to improv in front of thousands and rap in Hebrew, Spanish, and English combined. He lives in Tel aviv but stuck in LA for the COVID world after his tours got cancelled ... more

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